The Farm

Nature has certainly smiled on Kitchwin Hills. When we first opened our gates, we knew we had something unique. Our vision for the farm was soon realised. This is a true land of plenty where thoroughbreds – young and old – will want for nothing. From the fertile banks of the Isis River to the calcium-rich surrounding limestone ranges, this country allows mares and their foals every chance to fulfil their potential and maximize racetrack performance.

Kitchwin Hills is renowned for producing tough horses that handle long, arduous racing campaigns. Here at Kitchwin, we put significant time into producing horses who can adapt to the increasing pressures of getting up and running early. Whether it be our paddock arrangement that is unique to our topography, our feeding regime, or foal management techniques, Kitchwin has a unique production method. Although sale success for our clients is of high priority, it's important that the sale process merges equally with our must have outcomes of racetrack soundness and success. These just must continue on being "Hills That Just Keep Producing".