If your mare doesn’t conceive, dinner is on us!


We are pleased to report that Graff now has his first season foundations laid with a book already sitting well over 100 mares. With his fertility through the roof, he will continue to cover 3 – 4 mares a day for the remainder of the season.

With fertility being such a key factor at this time of year, we are no doubt grateful that Graff keeps stopping mares left right and centre.

Graff’s fertility has given us such confidence, so much so that if you send a mare anytime from now (New bookings* as of 29th of October) and she doesn’t conceive by the end of the season we’ll gift you a $1000.00 voucher for The Cottage, Scone for you and your team to enjoy!

If you have any questions or would like to take advantage of this opportunity please contact Kate Dallimore on 0474 464 560 or (02) 6545 8065.