Our Facilities

Stallion Barn

Our modern stallion barn is situated nearby our central vetting facilities, it provides close proximity for mares on the farm to walk straight over for covers.

The barn’s separate loading ramp and holding yards provide a safe facility for mares walking on to be covered by our stallions, and allows a quick turnaround time for drivers dropping mares off for their cover.

Our stallion manager Louis Robey & his team have extensive experience and are well versed in handling all situations ensuring the safest possible environment for both your mare and foal when visiting Kitchwin.



Yearling Barn

Our Yearling Barn provides a relaxed environment for young horses going through their toughest stages of development, preparing them for their next phase in training.

Located at the Top Farm, our yearling barn consists of 26 boxes, with a 12 horse walker, where we run preparations for all the major eastern state sales.

The undulating paddocks our yearlings develop in from weaning are located just across the river, so when it comes time for them to enter a preparation they are eased into the process being led across the river and into the barn.


The Golf Course

We love horses second-to-none. But second-to-horses we love golf.

Our 3-hole golf course is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day on the farm, or after a long drive out to the farm from the hustle and bustle of the city. Next time you visit Kitchwin, join us for a beer and a swing.


Vetting facilities

During the breeding season our central mare crush facility is a hive of activity with daily mare vetting leading up to and following covers. Situated right beside the office, it allows constant communication between the crush and office ensuring mares get the cover times they need.

Our laneway system feeds this yard area ensuring the movement of mares and foals is done safely and efficiently for vetting and treatments throughout the year.

We also have two air conditioned boxes, as well as 6 open air stables with fans to cater for any mares and foals requiring box rest.