If a commercial outcome is priority for a breeder then a stud’s propensity to put their money where their mouth is no doubt becomes a factor.

This ‘buying off your breeders’ is an obvious trait of the new force in Australian racing Newgate Stud. Coolmore have been doing it for a long time now, something that stood out significantly during the fear of Inglis’ Online COVID impacted sale in 2020.

Delivering commercial outcomes for Breeders has always been something that Kitchwin have managed to do with our stallions. We know that paying back support is essential in building long term relationships with external breeders. When you look at the five stallions we have stood over the last 15 years, beyond the numerous Group 1 winners produced, the return on service fees for commercial breeders has been exceptional.


Graff’s Unique Backing

As mentioned above there are a number of stallion owners in the market place who are willing to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to supporting the stallions they offer to breeders. As it has evolved, Graff is backed by one of Australia’s largest buying benches. When you tally up the number of yearlings bought each year by Australian Bloodstock, Neil Werrett, Colin Madden, Max Whitby and Kitchwin with all the syndicates it is involved in, then this backing becomes particularly relevant for breeders looking for major commercial outcomes.

“We have done some numbers on how much this group invests each year at yearling sales and it is mind-blowing,”

Mick Malone

Stud Master

“We have done some numbers on how much money this group invests each year at yearling sales and it is mind-blowing, said Kitchwin’s Stud Manager Michael Malone. I guess the aspect of this group that is extremely relevant for commercial breeders is that they are a group who back what they believe in. They are a group who pick and stick. Sometimes these decisions have an element of emotive reasoning but at the end of the day they are a group of massive achievers, on the race course and off it. Knowing that if you produce an outcome with a Graff mating and that they are lurking in the background…and if he produces types that replicate himself… he’s definitely a horse that breeder’s should be excited about!”, said Malone.

For breeders – does money where the mouth is matter?