As we enter the pointy end of the breeding season for 2021, the importance of an early pregnancy is at an all time high. For many of us an early pregnancy is what we’re chasing and with the frustrations of negative pregnancy results taking a tole, last minute mating changes are not out of the question. Graff is extremely fertile, having only missed 2 walk on mare’s all season. To compliment his outstanding looks and his colonial race record, he’s being followed into the barn with support from some of the best in the business – now a testament to the horse to be putting the cherry on top himself with his excellent fertility.

As for Graff’s temperament – he’s second to none. An absolute professional in the barn and with everything he does – so much so that he took a trip to the local pub at the beginning of October for a stallion parade! Temperament is such a big factor for any trainer when it comes to selecting stock for the track and if Graff’s progeny are gifted with his temperament, they’ll be set. Type? He’s got that too. Graff looks every bit the sprinter he was. A very muscular horse with a big forearm and gaskin, short cannons and strength through his loins and hind quarter.