How the deal works and what you need to do!

  • Send a maiden mare to Sooboog in September at $13,200inc GST.
  • If Sooboog doesn’t have a 2yo winner before December 31st 2020, then Max Whitby will pay your full-service fee for you.
  • If Sooboog does have a 2yo winner before December 31st 2020, then the mare owner will be liable to cover the service fee as per a normal agreement.
  • This offer is capped at the first 25 bookings made for September in the 2020 season.
  • The mare must conceive a pregnancy from a September cover.
  • The service falls into line with our standard service agreement, which will be sent with the booking.
  • Payment is to be made by either Max Whitby or the mare owner by the 31st of May 2021, carrying a live foal guarantee and free return to the mare owner depending on the outcome of Sooboog’s 2yo crop.
  • Any existing maiden bookings looking for a cover in September will now fall under this promotion.

To secure your booking to Sooboog for this season and take advantage of this promotion please contact

James Hetherington on 0428783300